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New Social Clip: Star Presenter Richard Hammond Loves Opel


  • TV star: Briton shows Opel Kadett “Oliver”, his loyal Africa companion
  • Car fan: Commentator is enthusiastic about Opel design and quality
  • A trained eye: Hammond puts Opel Mokka “in the picture” with Augmented Reality filter


Rüsselsheim. Have you ever heard of the Opel “Oliver”? This is how the British star presenter Richard Hammond named his 1963 Opel Kadett. Because there is a close bond between Hammond and his Opel “Oliver”: he bought the Kadett in Botswana in 2007 and then went on an adventure tour through Africa for the TV show “Top Gear”. Now Hammond is opening his garage for Opel and the online fan platform “DriveTribe” and shows in the YouTube video why he likes Opel and what he is planning to do with “Oliver”. He also dares to take a look at the new Opel Mokka through the Augmented Reality filter developed by the Opel Social Media team and is enthusiastic – about the Mokka and its social media potential.

This is how friendship works: You can rely on the Opel "Oliver"

Richard Hammond is what the British call a real car ethusiast. He is known to car fans as the always restless TV presenter of the successful car magazines Top Gear and The Grand Tour, where he regularly starts crazy campaigns and subjects “his” vehicles to tough tests. One of them was the 1963 Opel Kadett, with which Hammond wanted to go on a 1,000-mile tour across southern Africa around 13 years ago. Right from the start there has been a close bond between him and his new companion – so he baptized the Kadett “Oliver”. And “Oliver” never lets him down, conquers the toughest routes and displays qualities “that we value in people,” as Hammond puts it. “Oliver is brave. He is as loyal as a friend can be”, he says in praise of the Opel Kadett A.

It is not for nothing that the Kadett A is still a symbol of the German “economic miracle” today. Around 650,000 vehicles rolled off the production line between 1962 and 1965 and made large sections of the population and entire families mobile. This is ensured by a 40 hp, lively four-cylinder engine, low running costs, a large boot and a roomy interior, which amazed car drivers at the time. Or how the adverts said, "Opel Kadett equals O.K.".

But when crossing a river in the middle of the savannah, even the “Oliver” started swimming – and Hammond let out a cry of desperation that will go down in TV history. No wonder that he didn’t leave “Oliver” there, but brought him to his garage in Great Britain. After the restoration, his Kadett is to get another freshening up here – but what exactly will it look like? Comments and tips on the social media channels are very welcome.

To this day, the moderator raves about the fact that there is “a lot to admire and nothing goes wrong with the car - because there is also nothing that could go wrong”. In other words, the Kadett already has the typical Opel genes that apply more than ever to the new models with the Blitz emblem – and to one thing in particular: it offers exactly what drivers and passengers need for relaxed travel.

Visionary eye-catcher: Opel Mokka in the three-dimensional Augmented Reality filter

So it is only logical that Hammond should take a closer look at the new Opel Mokka – on his smartphone thanks to the Augmented Reality filter that was specially developed for the Mokka. “A really hot tool”, as the car nut says. And from every perspective. “You have to keep experimenting with it, it has real potential,” says Hammond enthusiastically and puts the digital Mokka with his dogs or in virtual miniature format on the stove. The possibilities for putting the visionary Opel “in the picture” are limitless. Hammond therefore advises everyone who wants to take a look at the new Mokka from every angle: “Get this filter!” And for all other news from Hammond, “Oliver” and the Opel Mokka: Stay tuned!


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