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Love at First Sight: A Smile Like the Opel Crossland’s


Happy Valentine’s Day! A nice face can open the doors to your heart

Rüsselsheim.  That certain look, a bright smile – and suddenly it happens; love at first sight. It’s a feeling that couples like to enjoy again and again, throughout the year. But there’s also Valentine’s Day and this Sunday on February 14 many will enjoy remembering how they met their other half. How that nice smile you got probably opened the doors to the first date and later those “inner values”.

This is a feeling that Opel’s designers know only too well. Which is why they have given the new Opel Crossland the brand’s handsome new face. The Opel Vizor shows straight away that there is much to get to know under the surface. A pretty face plus top technologies? In a compact SUV? Unexpected, but just as for many happy couples, the new Crossland does not care about old fashioned conventions. For the Crossland, as for many people, only one thing counts – it’s your life, your style. Modern, open and attractive.

Especially at times like these, Opel wishes everyone – singles, couples and families – happy Valentine’s Day!