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Real Highlight: New Opel Mokka with IntelliLux LED® Matrix Light


  • Typically Opel: Class leading, glare-free IntelliLux LED® matrix light
  • Great looks: Ultra-slim headlamps integrated in new Opel Vizor brand face
  • Top technology: Adaptive LED systems for many Opel models
  • Energy saving: Durable, ultra-efficient lighting with optimum output


Rüsselsheim.  The new Opel Mokka is an innovation and image platform for the brand with the Blitz – pure, bold and anything but ordinary. The newcomer was the first model presented with the new Opel Vizor brand face and also introduces pioneering new developments, such as the Opel Pure Panel cockpit. The all-new design continues the Opel tradition of bringing innovative technologies from higher vehicle classes to a wider audience. This especially applies to the adaptive Intellilux LED® matrix headlamps that were developed in Rüsselsheim.

“Developing pioneering lighting technology and making it available for our customers is typical of Opel”, says Ingolf Schneider, the head of lighting technologies at Opel. “IntelliLux LED® matrix light turns night into day without glare for other road users. In line with our tradition, we bring this technology to a variety of Opel models, regardless of the class of vehicle. The new Mokka is therefore an innovation accelerator.”

Bright, precise and glare-free: higher safety thanks to IntelliLux LED® matrix light

Opel has always played a pioneering role when it comes to innovative light technology that is affordable for customers. Every new Mokka, beginning with the entry-level version, is equipped with the newest generation of LED lighting – from the daylight running lamps in typical Opel design, to the headlamps, indicators and taillights.

The adaptive IntelliLux LED® matrix headlamps with their 14 LEDs are a true highlight in this vehicle class. The technology is far superior to Xenon or conventional lighting because it is more precise, more powerful and more durable. Above all, IntelliLux LED® matrix headlamps in the new Mokka are moderately priced, costing only €600 in Germany (RRP including VAT).

As in the Opel Insignia, Opel Astra and Opel Corsa, matrix light enables the new Mokka to be driven with main beam permanently switched on. Approaching or preceding vehicles are “cut” out of the light cone in fractions of a second by the individual LEDs. Nobody is dazzled and night is turned into day for the occupants of the Mokka. Framed by the new Opel Vizor brand fascia, the intelligent headlamps make driving at night safer and more comfortable. As soon as the car has left the city limits, the matrix headlamps switch on at speeds above 50 km/h. The light cone is continuously adjusted to the prevailing traffic situation – on the autobahn, on country roads and in curves.

“Thanks to the compact LEDs, customers benefit from much slimmer headlamps than in the past. The new Mokka not only offers top lighting, it also looks great”, says Schneider in praise of the styling potential enabled by the IntelliLux LED® matrix headlamps. The same applies to the rear of the car, where LEDs are also employed. Therefore, the designers could give the new Mokka a wider and especially slim appearance at the rear, enhancing the impression of precision and quality.

Efficient as well as good looking: Full LED systems in the Opel portfolio

Opel offers full LED headlamps with many automatic functions for the majority of its passenger car models. The drivers and passengers of the Opel Grandland X and the Opel Crossland, for example, therefore enjoy optimum vision at night. In addition to the brighter light, LEDs are also more efficient than conventional headlamps, which makes a significant contribution to a further reduction in CO2 emissions.


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