Super-Astra Joins Opel Classic Collection


Opel the reliable: Astra with 600,000 kilometres on the clock almost as good as new

Rüsselsheim.  Can the dream of eternal youth come true? Can you stay fit and attractive forever? While no human has achieved the feat so far, a machine, however, has managed it. More precisely, an Opel Astra Caravan from 2003; a late generation G model with a 59kW (80hp) 1.7-litre diesel engine in Elegance trim – including auxiliary heating. The car and its owner, Opel employee Henning Barth, drove around 100 kilometres every day from the Hunsrück to the Opel headquarters in Rüsselsheim. Astra and owner formed a dream team and clocked up a remarkable 500,000km together with no major repairs. Barth had bought the Astra used with a hundred thousand on the clock for €5,000. Then he added another half a million, so that now 600,000 stands on the clock.

“The really amazing thing is, the Astra hasn't aged much in all these years and with this mileage. Admittedly, I take good care of it, but it is incredible that the engine, the gearbox, the turbocharger and the high-pressure pump have never needed attention. Even the clutch is still the original,” says the proud Barth after 17 happy years with his Astra.

However, the happy couple is now going separate ways. Barth has donated his spritely Astra to Opel Classic. The estate car with 600,000km on the clock will take a place of honour in the Rüsselsheim collection, while Barth has got another Astra, a well-kept generation J with 165hp 2.0 diesel engine. He is also embarking on a new mission: to exceed the mileage of the predecessor.

Opel offered the Astra G between 1998 and 2005 in seven body styles with 12 engines. Power outputs ranged from 48kW (65hp) to 147kW (200hp). In 2002, a racehorse joined the stable in the form of the Astra OPC, initially with 141kW (192hp) and later 147kW (200hp). The Astra G was available as a three and five-door hatchback, a four-door notchback, a coupé, convertible, estate and delivery van. Almost four million units of the Astra G left the production line.