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Opel and Masternaut Offer Pre-Installed Telematics Solutions


  • Single invoice: Hardware for Opel Vivaro and Movano installed pre-delivery
  • Choice: Base and Premium bundles available
  • Clever: Immediate reduction of operating costs, up to five-fold return on investment


Rüsselsheim.  Opel is taking the next step towards a future with more in-vehicle information, optimum efficiency and safety in commercial vehicles– all while helping to save money. Together with cooperation partner and telematics experts Masternaut, Opel will offer pre-installed telematics solutions in the Movano and Vivaro. This makes Opel the first automaker with this type of pre-installed overall system. It provides fleet managers with operating data such as real-time vehicle location and fuel consumption[1]. This information helps to increase efficiency and productivity, and thus improve commercial vehicle fleet utilization. The first Opel Vivaro or Movano equipped with this system can be ordered now in the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. France will follow later this summer. Vehicles ordered with the solution will be managed via the Masternaut Connect platform.

“Pre-installed telematics services are extremely practical, especially for fleet managers,” said Steffen Raschig, Director Commercial Vehicles Opel & Vauxhall. “As the hardware comes with the vehicle, there is only one invoice. Once activated, a world of new possibilities for fleet management becomes available. Telematics helps with environmental sustainability while reducing costs. And it’s not just large companies that can benefit from the increased efficiency and improved cost management.” In addition, customers profit from the seamless hardware integration ex-factory, as no additional servicing appointment for its installation is required. Furthermore, the hardware comes with the same two-year warranty as the vehicle.

Saving time

Take for example courier services; to ensure operations run efficiently and smoothly, it is important for the fleet manager or headquarters to maintain contact with the drivers and know their location. A new order goes to the courier who is nearest the location, and this can be done without numerous telephone calls and losing time. If a delivery is nevertheless delayed, the main office informs the recipient. This higher reliability leads to faster service and increased customer satisfaction, improving a company’s market position, securing their edge over the competition.

Cost efficiency

Whoever configures a Vivaro or Movano in the future, can now choose between a Base and Premium bundle. Prices for the installation of the Base bundle in the Vivaro for example start at €250 (all prices RRP incl. VAT in Germany). The Base product provides market leading vehicle tracking solution, including live and historical vehicle and journey information. The Premium bundle for the Vivaro starts at €295. The Premium version provides all Base functionalities, and an instant in-cab coaching with green, yellow and red LED lights that show drivers how efficiently they are driving. An additional subscription fee will be levied for the Masternaut telematics services provided with the Base and the Premium bundles[2].

Elsewhere, recent studies conducted by Masternaut across 10,000 vehicles in its customer base, show that the technology lowered fuel consumption by 220 liters per vehicle and total fleet running costs by €780 per vehicle annually, resulting in a three to five-fold return on investment. An economical driving style lowers emissions as well as wear and tear and reduces depreciation. This extends the vehicle service life while increasing residual value. Company-wide strategies for environmental compatibility can thus be easily implemented, as can dedicated driver training courses.

Safe driving

Especially those who frequently travel by car for work are more likely to be involved in or cause accidents. The Masternaut telematics system offers distinct advantages for them and considerably increases driver safety. The Premium version informs drivers in real time about their driving style such as speed and harsh acceleration or braking via an in-cab coaching device that gives auditory and visual feedback. According to Masternaut, this type of immediate feedback has been shown to reduce speeding over the road speed limit by up to 70 percent, and thereby helps to avoid accidents with business cars. “Driving too fast, harsh braking and forgetting to take breaks often play a part in accidents,” explains Dhruv S. Parekh, Chief Executive Officer at Masternaut. “Our system delivers exactly the information the driver needs to maintain a high level of safety, at the right moment to lasting behavior change.”

Data protection a priority

Data protection and protection of privacy are also important. Opel and Masternaut have a clear, unequivocal position on this: “The cooperation partners guarantee that all data is protected according to all legal regulations and high safety standards,” said Steffen Raschig. For example, when the optional private button available with the Premium version is pressed, the vehicle’s current location is masked and transmission of data to headquarters is interrupted.


[1] The telematics services are provided by Masternaut Limited (“Masternaut”) and are subject to the end-user terms of Masternaut. Masternaut is an independent technology service provider. Opel is not the provider and not responsible for the telematics services offered by Masternaut.

[2] Contact Masternaut directly for more details. Payable by the customer to Masternaut directly via separate invoice


Further information about official fuel consumption, official specific CO2 emissions and consumption of electric energy can be found in the “guideline about fuel consumption, CO2 Emissions and electric energy consumption of new passenger cars” ('Leitfaden über den Kraftstoffverbrauch, die CO2-Emissionen und den Stromverbrauch neuer Personenkraftwagen') in German language, which is available free of charge at any point of sales and at DAT Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH, Helmuth-Hirth-Straße 1, D-73760 Ostfildern. 



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