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Off-Roaders: Opel Combo Cargo and Opel Vivaro with All-Wheel Drive


  • On all fours: Dangel all-wheel drive system tailor-made for Combo Cargo
  • Tackle anything: Combo and Vivaro 4x4 take mud, snow and tough trails in their stride
  • Go anywhere: Higher ground clearance and underbody protection
  • Class-leading: Combo Cargo with best cargo length and payload of 880kg
  • Genuine off-road capability: Vivaro 4x4 panel van available in three lengths


Rüsselsheim.  Professionals searching for vans from a German brand, that not only offer class-leading load carrying ability and fuel economy but also the additional grip provided by selectable four-wheel drive, should take a close look at the Opel Combo Cargo and the Opel Vivaro. Thanks to all-wheel drive traction and higher ground clearance, the 4x4 Combo and Vivaro can go anywhere, anytime.

The Alsatian traction experts Dangel carry out the 4x4 conversions at prices of €6,400 for the Combo Cargo and €6,665 for the Vivaro (plus €1,000/€300 respectively for conversion-preparation by Opel, all prices in Germany, excluding VAT).

Driver-selectable: “ECO 2WD” front-wheel drive and “AUTO 4WD” driving modes

Combo and Vivaro drivers can choose between the drive modes “Eco” and “Auto 4WD” via a rotary switch on the instrument panel. In “Eco” mode, the 4x4 system is disengaged and the vehicles run in front-wheel drive only, which reduces fuel consumption and emissions, on the autobahn, for example.

If the going gets tougher, the driver can switch to “Auto 4WD” without stopping. The viscous coupling of the central differential then distributes part of the torque to the rear axle as soon as the front wheels begin to lose grip.

In even more demanding conditions drivers can select “R. Lock” to additionally lock the rear axle.

High climber: all-wheel drive tackles up to 41 degree gradients

The 4x4 Combo Cargo comes as standard with the active safety of ESP, protection plates for the engine and gearbox and 90mm higher ground clearance. Additional protection for the fuel tank and rear axle, as well as 20mm higher ground clearance (for a total of up to 300mm), are optionally available. With approach and departure angles of 26.6 and 38.3 degrees respectively, and a break-over angle of 26 degrees, the Combo 4x4 can climb 41 degree gradients.

The cross-country performance of the Opel Vivaro 4x4 is also comparable with that of sport utility vehicles: With an additional ground clearance of up to 60 millimetres (for a total of up to 245mm), approach/departure angles of up to 20.4/31.0 degrees and a break-over angle of up to 20.0 degrees.

When it comes to hill-climbing, the Vivaro 4x4 can manage uphill gradients of up to 23.7 degrees, depending on the payload (up to 1,344 kilogrammes) and other factors such as tyres and road surface.

Like the rest of the Combo and Vivaro ranges, the 4x4 versions aim to deliver high efficiency and low cost of ownership. A major contribution to achieving these goals is made by the turbo-diesel powertrains.

Combo Cargo 4x4: class-leading functionality and driver assistance systems

In addition to a bench seat for three passengers, a class-leading cargo length of up to 3,440 mm and a payload of up to 880kg, the up to 4,753 mm-long 4x4 Combo Cargo also shares the same unrivalled offer of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems as its Combo LCV siblings and the Combo Life passenger car.

The range of useful equipment includes Automatic Cruise Control, Driver Drowsiness Alert, Forward Collision Alert with Pedestrian Detection and Automatic Emergency Braking, Side Blind Spot Alert and a Head-up Display.

Exclusive to all LCV versions of the Combo, including the 4x4 Cargo, is the option of Surround Rear Vision, which increases rearward visibility especially when the vehicle is fully loaded, while a second camera in the passenger side door mirror reduces the blind spot on this side of the vehicle.

Especially useful and exceptional in this market segment is the wide space between the rear wheel arches, so that the Combo Cargo can transport up to two Euro pallets.

One for all: Vivaro 4x4 in three vehicle lengths

Available as a panel van in three lengths – small, medium and large – with strong 2.0-litre diesel engines and up to 6.6 cubic metres of cargo capacity, the Vivaro 4x4 also offers genuine off-road capability.

A wide range of assistance systems and advanced technologies are optionally available for the Vivaro 4x4. The front camera and radar-controlled assistance systems include Lane Keep Assist, Speed Sign Recognition, Driver Drowsiness Alert, Semi-adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Alert and Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Alert and Park Pilot front and rear.

The Multimedia Radio and Multimedia Navi Pro infotainment systems come with a large 7.0-inch touchscreen. Both feature phone integration via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Multimedia Navi Pro additionally features European navigation with 3D view. With “OpelConnect”, users can access their vehicle’s status and information via smartphone. They can also enjoy the peace of mind offered by on-board emergency and breakdown calls. LIVE Navigation1 provides online traffic information in real time, which allows the rapid detection and avoidance of delays – nowadays an important business factor.


[1] LIVE Navigation services available free-of-charge for 36 months after activation. Payment required thereafter.


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