Opel Continues Electrification Offensive: 8 Electrified Models by 2021


  • Electrification offensive gaining further momentum
  • Electrification of entire portfolio by 2024
  • Roll-out of electrification is key pillar of the PACE! company plan


Rüsselsheim.  Opel continues to push ahead with its large-scale electrification offensive. As early as 2021, the traditional brand from Rüsselsheim will offer a total of eight electrified vehicles in important volume segments.

“We will electrify our entire product portfolio by 2024. Further models will follow very soon after we made the start with the Corsa-e and the Grandland X Hybrid4 this year,” said Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller.

Next year the battery electric version of the Vivaro transporter and the electric version of the Mokka X successor will be added to Opel’s electric line-up. Electric variants of the Combo and Combo Life along with the electric version of the Zafira Life will be added in 2021. Opel’s portfolio of electrified vehicles will also include an electrified version of the next generation Astra.

“This product portfolio will put us in an excellent position to meet the ambitious future emission targets in Europe," said Opel CEO Lohscheller. "Electro-mobility is an indispensable component in this. But our ultra-modern and efficient combustion engines and research into fuel cells at the Rüsselsheim-based Centre of Competence will also make an important contribution to making our company sustainable and future-proof.”



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