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Automobile production in Eisenach has a long tradition. The new automotive plant was opened on September 23, 1992, and German Chancellor at that time Helmut Kohl was on hand when the first Opel Astra rolled off the assembly line. This year Opel is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Eisenach plant.

The Eisenach facility is one of the most modern automotive plants in the world in terms of environmental compatibility, manufacturing technology and production systems. The Opel Corsa, Opel ADAM, ADAM ROCKS and ADAM S are produced in Eisenach.


History of the Eisenach Plant 


2017 Opel celebrates 25th anniversary of the Eisenach Plant
2014 Start of production of redesigned Opel Corsa (E)
  Production milestone: the three millionth Opel “Made in Eisenach“ rolls off the assembly line
2013 Start of production of Opel ADAM
2010 Production milestone: the 2.5 millionth Opel “Made in Eisenach“ is built
2008 Start of production: the ten millionth Corsa is built
2006 Start of production of new Opel Corsa (D)
2002 Eisenach Plant celebrates its tenth birthday
2000 Start of production of new Opel Corsa (C)
1999 Production milestone: the one millionth Opel “Made in Eisenach“rolls off the assembly line 
1998 American President, Bill Clinton, and German Chancellor Helmut Kohl  visit the plant
  Production milestone: the 750,000th Opel “Made in Eisenach“ is built 
1998 Start of production of new Opel Astra (G) 
1995 Production milestone: the 250,000th Opel “Made in Eisenach“ rolls off the assembly line 
1994 Production milestone: the 100,000th Opel “Made in Eisenach“ rolls off the assembly line
1993 Start of production of first Corsa (B) “Made in Germany“
1992 German Chancellor Helmut Kohl is present when the first Opel Astra rolls off the assembly line at the new, state-of-the-art vehicle plant
1991 Groundbreaking for new Opel plant in Eisenach
1990 The first Vectra “Made in Eisenach“ is produced in cooperation with AWE 
1990 Opel-AWE-Planungs GmbH, a collaboration between the Automobilwerk Eisenach (AWE) and Adam Opel AG, is founded. 

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