Groupe PSA’s Turbo PureTech petrol engine named International Engine of the Year for the 4th year in a row


Today, the Turbo PureTech 3-cylinder petrol engine (110 hp and 130 hp) was named International Engine of the Year in the 1-litre to 1.4-litre category, for the 4th year in a row, by the panel of the 20th International Engine of the Year Awards in Stuttgart.

Groupe PSA has filed 210 patents for its family of 3-cylinder petrol engines. The new‑generation PureTech engine offers improved performance, fuel consumption and efficiency, with specific benefits including:


  • a 4% improvement in fuel consumption on average compared with the previous generation;
  • improved engine response time thanks to an optimised turbocharger (20% faster increase in torque from 1500 rpm);
  • a 75% reduction in particulate emissions through the use of a gasoline particulate filter (GPF), meeting the Real Driving Emissions (RDE) conformity factor of 1.5 set by EU regulations for 2020, three years in advance;
  • a more compact structure, to adapt to the new Common Modular Platform (CMP) dedicated to small city cars, core sedans and compact SUVs.


Launched in 2017 on the new Peugeot 308, the new generation is now being deployed on Groupe PSA’s vehicles across some hundred applications in more than 70 countries. The engines comply with Euro 6d-TEMP and China 6b standards.

The PureTech 3-cylinder engine is currently manufactured in France (Française de Mécanique plants in Douvrin, Pas-de-Calais and Trémery, Moselle) and China (Xiang Yang plant). In addition to production capacity being doubled in the French plants in 2018, the plants in Tychy, Poland, and Szentgotthárd, Hungary, will also start producing the PureTech engine in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

On this occasion, Alain Raposo, Senior Vice President, Powertrain and Chassis Engineering at Groupe PSA, said: “We’re proud to receive this prestigious award for the fourth year in a row, as proof of the skills of our development teams. Most of our vehicles are now equipped with this engine, which has been highly successful among our customers. This award is a global recognition of the competitiveness and efficiency of our petrol range, and in particular our PureTech 3-cylinder engine.”


Turbo PureTech 3-cylinder petrol engine (110 hp and 130 hp)



Straight-three engine

Emissions level


Euro 6d-TEMP with an RDE CF of 1.5

Deployment of Euro 6d from Nov. 2018 (three-year early adoption)

Maximum power


96/130 at 5500 rpm

81/110 at 5500 rpm

Maximum torque


230 at 1750 rpm

210 at 1500 rpm

Combustion system


Turbocharged engine with central direct fuel injection

Variable intake and exhaust valve timing

Engine management and power


PSA SSTG command unit

Direct injection at 250 bar

Electrical management


Smart electrical management with optimised battery charge

Stop & Start




Compression ratio




mm x mm

75 x 90.5

Connecting rod assembly


Modular-head connecting rod, fixed gudgeon pin

High strength steel

Oil pump


Variable displacement controlled automatically

Cylinder head


Aluminium A57 copper alloy with thermal treatment. Gravity casting

Integrated exhaust manifold cast into the cylinder head



New-generation turbocharger, optimised output, integrated dump valve, electric waste gate



Aluminium die-cast in a vacuum, hybrid liners inserted during casting

Fuel system


Central direct injection, five-hole injectors with laser-drilling technology

High-pressure (250 bar) petrol pump



Two composite tubular camshafts

Wet timing belt, DLC-coated cams

Valve control


Direct control via mechanical push-buttons

Valves per cylinder



Engine length



Engine height



Engine width



Weight (according to PSA standards)


84 kg






Thermal management with controlled thermostat

Exhaust line


Integrated single-unit emissions treatment system under the turbocharger with:

Catalytic converter + GPF




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